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Little Blue Coffee and Pizza



Little Blue Coffee and Pizza was founded in the Autumn of 2022. Having recently moved to the Bath area David and Eleanor were looking for a fresh start; this took the form of a quaint vintage blue horsebox.

Soon after, they discovered their love for cooking pizzas - they already had a love for brewing great coffee - and Little Blue Coffee and Pizza was born.


Trained as an engineer, David decided to change paths and open a mobile catering business.


As an avid pizza lover and recent coffee enthusiast, combining the two seemed to just make sense.


Little Blue Coffee and Pizza it came to be.

David - Owner


Traditionally Wood-fired - Italian inspiration

Little Blue brings pizza back to basics with our fresh hand-made dough of just four simple ingredients: flour, water, salt and yeast

brought together to make a crust that becomes soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

Hand stretched and cooked in our wood-fired oven; we love re-creating the Neapolitan style pizza; though we do like to branch out into other styles as well, to keep things nice and fresh.


Speciality Fresh Locally Roasted Beans from Round Hill Roastery

Roundhill Roastery Logo

We love coffee and we especially love brewing it using Little Blue's retro chromed-out lever action espresso machine.

Round Hill Roastery have a fantastic ethos when it comes to their beans focussing on the farmers, sustainibility and seasonal buying. Find out more here.


Her roots are in pastry but her passion is nutrition.


Eleanor is an aspiring Nutritionist who ended up steering away from London pastry cheffing to persue her passion - helping people to follow a more healthy and tasty diet.


Not to mention training as a professional barista along the way.

Eleanor - Owner
Little Blue Coffee and Pizza Logo


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